Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What we do when we do nothing...

Today I didn't want to go anywhere. I did however get dressed in something that would match my new blue and white earings. I mean I put on makeup and everything...with no intention of leaving the house. In the back of my head I knew that today is the day they announce the HGTV dream home winner so I have to be ready...you know for the cameras and people. Sometimes I think I am so stupid. Oh well, I like the earings. Terminix showed up unexpectedly- at least I wasn't in my pj's still.

I decided to blow up about 12 balloons and tie them to my attic door and let the boys just play.

I stole this idea from a fellow blogger/friend, so just know that I am not this creative. It's funny the things we do. It took me about 25 minutes to blow all the balloons up (because every other balloon I had to let go and let fly all over the room for Tucker), then they played with them for about 5 minutes. Oh well, that is 30 minutes of the day that I occupied with something...I count that a success. Now it is close to lunch time and that will take about an hour. That means it is really almost nap time. My how the days fly by!

We have these huge boxes in our garage that are full of "snowman poop." I thought it would be fun to bring one of the boxes in the house to paint. I was sure that not emptying the snowman poop would be okay since I taped the top of the box closed.

I was wrong.

Once everything got cleaned up, we painted and it was so cute and fun.

I think it comes out of clothes.


alan & brandi said...

Wow! You are quite the mom! Messes messes messes! Maybe I'll relax a bit when I become a mother. But for now, the messes stay outside!

Glad you've joined the bloggin world! Ours is cottons.blogspot.com

Wendy said...

OH...if we all had so much fun doing NOTHING!!! When I do nothing I am usually doing laundry.....or surfing....:)

The Fokens said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I can now check in with you and see all the fun you're having with the boys! Love the painting pictures.
Thanks for sharing.

jani said...

Welcome to blogging!! We're excited to get to keep up with y'all this way! Our blog address is nathanandjani.blogspot.com- look us up!