Friday, February 29, 2008

Job Snob

Since last June, Katie and I have worked at a Law Firm. I have really enjoyed saying things like - "Oh, yes, I work for a law firm in Canton." "I'll have to run that by the partners at the law firm." "Me? What do I do? I am a legal assistant." All of these things I say with a certain posture and angle to my nose. Oh, I really think I am big time. Well, all snooty things must come to an end because today is my last day. On Monday I will begin to say things like "I work for the Atlanta office of an engineering firm." (I checked...I can still say 'firm') "I am an administrative assistant" "I only have to drive 10 miles to work" (that one doesn't sound all that snooty, but it is the one that means the most). Yep, we are packing up this side show and moving south to Woodstock where there are no criminals coming to my door and asking for legal advice. (Turns out the law firm wasn't all the uppity - shhh, don't tell anyone). There we will continue our job sharing plan and hopefully our two minds will still work as one (we are a little odd that way).

Hopefully the new office won't have rats (right Kate?).

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