Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh yeah...Taxes

I feel the need to calm everyones nerves about the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway. I know that I put you all on pins and needles when I explained that I got all dolled up for the big announcement and then never updated you on my status. After the entire day came and went and no one came to my door I decided to recheck HGTV's website and learned that they aren't naming a winner until March 16. We can all relax until then. I have had to juggle some things around to make sure I am available...but I think I can make it work. Silliness aside - I really want that house. Have you seen it? It is just slightly nicer than my current living arrangements. Being on the beach isn't a bad perk, or the free Yukon.

(This photo is straight from the HGTV website. I'm sure I don't have express permission to use it)

Every time I mention it to Chanel this is what he says - "If you won that, we would sell it. Can you imagine the taxes you will have to pay on that thing. It would put us in a whole new tax bracket. We wouldn't be able to afford the taxes on the car alone..." I am stopping here, because I won't bore you with the next 30 minutes of oral arguments we have over the pains of winning something this cool!
Here is a picture of when we went to the beach in October.

Cross your fingers that I have to pay some major taxes next year!!!

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