Friday, February 29, 2008

Present for Chanel

I make Chanel read my blog from time to time and I make him tell me he likes it. He plays along very well. Because he is so great in general and because he is such a good sport - it makes me happy when I am able to do something nice for him-just because.

I noticed today that Pinks All Out (a television show he enjoys watching) will be in Atlanta in May at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. I bought two tickets thinking he and his dad can go watch cars race (doesn't even remotely sound fun to me, but I am sure he would rather cut the dogs nails than read my blog). They recently purchased the car you see here and the two of them not only have a wonderful time together, they also share the same love of cars and racing. So surprise Honey! You get to go watch Pinks!!!! (kids get in free so you'd better take Tucker with you---just kidding). I love you- a lot!