Friday, February 29, 2008

Never will I ever

A week or so ago, my siblings/siblings-in-law got onto a discussion about being an adult. We came up with a list of things that are dead giveaways for what we think makes us an adult.

I wake up early without an alarm
8pm is the highlight of the night because the kids go down
9:30pm is way past my own bed time
I like Home Depot...a lot
I can stay in the pool through adult swim
I don't like when the phone rings
Getting the mail is not exciting
I want a broom for my birthday
I made a meatloaf - and my family liked it
When a water pipe busts at the house, I can not just ignore it
Planning my own birthday dinner/gathering
Storms are no longer 'neat', they are leaking windows and potential trees through the roof
The weather channel is the first channel I turn on in the morning
I listen to AM radio - on purpose
I check consumer reports before any purchase
Minivans look cool
I read the nutrition labels on food packages
Bengay smells good
I can use my toes to pick up things
I know how hard it is to tie shoes with one hand
I know which restaurants do not have a changing table in their bathrooms
There are diapers and wipes in my purse - and I am at work
I steal Chick-fil-a bendy-straws, placemats, napkins and wipes
The clothes in the closet are dirty when I take them out (because I put them away with child residue on them)- and I wear them anyway

Thanks Keith, Erin, Chanel, Katie and Chris!

Share yours with me!

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Cotton Crew said...

so true and so depressing!