Monday, February 25, 2008

If you can't beat them, join 'em

There was a time in my life that I had quite the southern accent. If you didn't know me growing up, you might be surprised to learn this. In my adult life (all 10 years of it) I have had people on the phone actually act surprised when I tell them I have lived in GA my whole life. They tell me that I sound like I am from the valley. Much to my dad's dismay, this makes me sort-of happy. I have actually tried to change the way I speak so that it is grammatically correct and not say words/phrases that would geographically place me. I say 'soda' when referring to a canned beverage and can't think of a time when I have used the word 'yonder' to refer to a place. I have no problem with having lived in the south my entire life - as a matter of fact I make the best Brunswick stew most have ever eaten and think real tea must be sweetened (not green or canned). I also get great pleasure when my grandmother refers to Walmart as Walmarts and Target as The Targets. It is part of her charm --- but not mine.

I say all that to say this. I can't think of much that would sound more redneck and country than going to an arena and watching enormous trucks on a dirt field crush other vehicles while wearing ear plugs and shouting "CRUSH EM GRAVE DIGGER!!!" But, I intend to do just that. Come Saturday morning Chanel, Tucker and I (along with our best friends Chanc, Tracey and their kids) will pile into Chanel's work truck and drive approximately 2 hours south to the Macon Centreplex Coliseum to watch Monster Jam Live.

For months Tucker has been asking to go to Monster Jam. He has 10 monster trucks that he plays with, sleeps with, eats with, talks with, he even puts band aides on their 'boo-boos'. If you mention Monster trucks, he will tell you about Monster Jam. For the longest time it was too far away to mention. Now it is Saturday, just 6 days away. He'll even tell you "one week to monster jam!" I can't wait. I am even trying to find him a shirt with grave digger on it.

All those years of refining my image and I have finally made it---Pure white trash! Git er done!

This picture was taken on Christmas eve. We went here on purpose - just to play in the mud. It was great!

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