Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Keith!!!! 30 30 30 30 30 30

Today is my brother's birthday, so this post is for him. In honor of his birthday I am going to recap one of my favorite childhood memories. Actually it is just my favorite story to tell...not really such a good memory.

When we were younger we had sort of a love hate hate relationship. We are very close in age so there was potential to be friends. (Less potential after this particular event). We decided it would be a lovely idea to play chicken with our bikes. (Now that I think about it, it was my bike). We all know how chicken works, person A goes towards person B and if someone doesn't move, then there is a collision. We had been playing this for a while and I moved every time. I suppose I thought I had something to prove and in my head I claimed victory by deciding not to move. Next, the concrete confirmed with my head that I had in fact not been victorious, but had been run over by my own bike. I remember Keith thinking it was so funny, but I also remember being persuaded to "not tell mom" - in both our best interests of course.

I suppose it would have been nicer to tell about how he literally wiped my tears away and calmed me down when I was crying because of the rain at my outdoor wedding, or the incredibly touching toast he, as the best man, gave at the reception, or to tell about how he and I had some awesome times working together at The American Cafe (may it rest in peace), or the YMCA. Truly, there are so many many great memories that have changed our love hate hate relationship to one of love, respect, admiration and enjoyment. I am so honored to call him my brother and can't wait for the next 30 (minus any bikes).
I realize that for someone who has been in my life for its entirety, this is not a lot of pictures. However, I am at work today and these are the ones on my computer. So - Happy birthday Keith, may someone call you and act like granddad while they sing a tweaked rendition of Happy Birthday your Majesty. (It's okay, you can admit miss the song).

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This made me cry!!!