Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If everyone jumped off a bridge...

I keep telling people that although I feel like life is off-the-charts busy, it is also boring in a 'nothing-to-talk-about' sort of way. So up until now (obviously) I have not felt the need to blog. Frankly, it took me a good year or so to understand what a blog was. But as with most everything I now do (facebook, myspace, texting) I have succumbed to peer pressure. Maybe it is just the desire to be cool and have a blog url address, I don't know.

I have learned something about myself through this process of peer pressure --- If everyone jumped off a bridge...I would do my research, google it a few times, wait a year or two to see the response, do things close to but not quite, then eventually, yes, I think I would jump off a bridge too. Sorry mom.

Here are the characters of my blog, err...life

Chanel My cute-as-ever husband for almost 7 years. He has a sense of rhythm I was not blessed with.
Tucker my almost 3 year old. He is too fun!
Griffin this is my 1 year old nephew that I watch half of the week. He belongs to my sister Katie and brother-in-law, Chris. (www.thehookers9905.blogspot.com)

Then there is me, Kelli I always have the camera so there really aren't any pictures of just me.

So that is it huh? This is blogging. I feel older, I feel very smart, I feel one more thing on my to-do list, I feel so cool! No wonder peer pressure works so well.


Wendy said...

You have such a great way of putting things....yeah, I would jump off the bridge after I saw others do it and come out okay too...great minds??? or atleast I like to pretend that my mind is a great as yours...welcome to the blog world!! LOVE YA!!!!W

Cotton Crew said...

yeah-so neat to see more of you. what cut kids!!!!