Friday, February 22, 2008

Is it sad that for my 28th birthday I want a glorified Broom???

Sunday afternoon I found myself in a daze watching an infomercial for the Shark vx3. Everyday since I have found reasons to need it - Specifically the day of the snowman poop. I looked it up online and it has gotten descent reviews. It is about $80 so I have tried to ignore the urges to just buy it. I believe today was the final straw. Tucker was eating chex mix and I went to put it away and dropped it all over the floor (I wish I had that shark thing). It became a feeding frenzy of sorts. Flash (the dog) moved faster than his breed typically allows and started to inhale whatever pieces were within reach, Griffin, although now a determined walker, realized that crawling was so much faster and also went for as many pieces as he could find and Tucker (the picky eater) noticed that the m&m's in the mix were now his if he moved fast enough. Comical at first. With the dog ushered outside, Griffin on my hip, and Tucker with a mouth full of m&m's I got the broom and dust pan. (It only weighs four pounds). Tucker "helps" by holding the dustpan (The commercial even shows a little kid using it) and shaking it with excitement anytime I get anything in it.
I should have just let the dog have at it.

Don't be fooled this picture is of the controlled mess.

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