Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Toddler Speak

For anyone who has talking kids I am sure you can relate. They ask you a question "where is my battery" and your brain goes into overdrive. Clearly he isn't actually referring to a battery so what was he playing with that he might have said the word battery? I ask 'clue' questions. "What color is it?"
"My battery." (not so helpful).
"Where did you have it before?"
"In the kitchen." Off to the kitchen we go to search for something that might look like a battery, but certainly isn't a battery. Then he adds "It fell into the hole." Instant lightbulb! He is looking for his silver car that sits on this trailer that he would drop into a slot between the table and the island. Whallah - there it was right in the cabinet of the island. The 'battery' is what he pretends all my spices are so that he can 'fix' his car like Pop. Now I get it.

When he says, "I am going to Mars" this means he is going to dump out all the toys in the cabinet and hide while singing the Backyardigans song "we're going to mars"

"Roar me" means act like a monster and play hide and seek

"Louder" could mean louder, higher, more, brighter, hotter

"You sad mommy?" means, he is playing King and wants to give me something to make me 'feel better'

"Griffin hit me" means, he stood so close to Griffin that Griffin's hand touched him and now he wants Griffin to be in trouble.

"I'm happy" means 'I don't need a nap'

My recent favorite Tuckerism:
Yesterday the power was out at our house from 6:30am to 11:30am. So as we are eating breakfast in the dark Tucker says, "God left the kitchen." Confused as to whether he is wanting to tell me something or if I am supposed to give him a Sunday School answer I say, "No, God is in the kitchen. God is everywhere."
"No - God left and made it dark. Get your Bible and He'll come back."

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jani said...

What a cute kid!! The way their little brains work is quite entertaining...