Friday, March 28, 2008

Prodigal Cell Phone

My cell phone like most people's is my life. I have had a phone since I turned 18 and have never lost it. My current phone is also my mp3 player and has 150 songs on it. I have phone numbers to anything you can think of (approx. 300) that are not written down anywhere else.
On Tuesday, I was a fool and took it to Monkey Joe's while I was playing in and up and down all the big blowup things. This is how attached I am to the silly thing. I couldn't just leave it in the car for an hour? I had to stick it in my pocket. I'm not that important. Me missing a call would not be detrimental to anyone's health. I have a problem.

Well, I lost it. Of course I lost it. I was climbing and sliding and bouncing. What did I think was going to happen? Chanel and I searched each bouncy thing and did not find it. I left my name and Chanel's number at the counter and we reluctantly left the building. It was officially lost. The issue was out of my hands. It wasn't a naked feeling but a not-able-to-breath feeling. It was dramatic. Well, I calmed down at lunch and came to the conclusion that God was going to take care of me. He was going to get my phone back to me. By Friday. I know, I shouldn't put time limits on God. However, I would eventually have to come to terms that I would just have to go get another phone. Anyway, I prayed (seriously, I prayed with expectations.) I had very little doubt that God was going to get it back to me by Friday. Come Friday at midnight...I would worry, but until then- no problem- He has it all under control.

MONKEY JOES CALLED CHANEL ON FRIDAY MORNING ... THEY FOUND MY PHONE. I mean really! God is so good! God cares about me and my phone! This is my PRAISE GOD MOMENT OF THE WEEK! Thank you Lord!!!


Wendy said...

Isn't it wonderful and amazing how He does care about our seemingly trivial wordly things. :)

Alan and Brandi said...

Yeah, story of my life! Everytime someone tells me they lost something, my first response is, "Did you pray?" Seriously, it works every time!