Monday, March 17, 2008

A picture is worth...

What could I possibly want to convey with this picture???
A) I finally got a cordless vacuum (Not the shark. I did some research and the dirt devil got the best reviews and was half the price). It is the greatest little vacuum. Amazon delivered in 2 days for free. Gotta love the internet.
B) Tucker loves using this vacuum to clean the kitchen. (It is so light and easy to maneuver that he also enjoys a game of chasing Flash around the house- Flash equally hates this game).
C) Tucker helped me cook dinner tonight at which point I accidentally spilled olive oil on his head and his hair became a piece of art. Dinner was fantastic. Tucker told Chanel "I made that for you...but I don't want to eat it." (of course not).
D) Today marks the fifth day of potty training (this explains the no pants in the picture) and the first full day of no accidents and not going through any pull-ups/diapers. Thursday (the first day) and Friday I had come to terms with going straight to Depends. Maybe I should have invested in a carpet cleaner instead of a vacuum. I digress, he is doing much much much better and hopefully will soon learn how to tell me when he needs to go potty. (Will I ever stop saying "go potty" or "make sure you push it down" or "is there any pee pee left" or "yeaaaaaaa! you pee peed on the potty! You get a treat")

Anyway, It isn't quite 1,000 words, but this picture says a lot.


The Fokens said...

Congrats on the vacuum! We'll take Tucker's skills over at our house. Call us when he wants a job:)

Wendy said...

YEAH on the dirt devil!! I LOVE Tuckers hair! I will have to try the whole olive oil thing...

Does the running around without pants bring any Germany memories of another little boy running around with not pants on....I still laugh about that!!