Friday, April 11, 2008

This is my child on drugs

I know that three year olds have a lot of energy but add an albuterol treatment and it is downright hysteria. Tucker had a little bit of an allergy issue this week so we pulled out the breathing treatment thing (I know it has a real name...Nebu-something) and did one vial albuterol and one vial pulmicort. Here is the result:

7:45 (15 minutes after the treatment)

He starts speaking in this crazy language. And yes that is Idol Gives Back in the background.

8:15 (45 minutes later)

9:00 (1 hour and a half after treatment) I think this is him winding down

I have added the song that Chanel mentions to my playlist (Angels and Airwaves - The Adventure)

9:30 (2 hours after treatment) He is NOT winding down

10:40pm - Chanel goes into his room and tells him he HAS to go to bed. He was just in there talking about Diego. CRAZY CHILD.

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