Friday, March 28, 2008


Today is Tucker's 3rd Birthday!It is so hard to believe that it has been 3 years! The tradition on my side of the family is breakfast in bed on your birthday and this is the first year that we did breakfast in bed for him and he really loved it.

Yesterday was the birthday party and here are some pics from that. We went to one of Papa Dave's work sites and he let us drive around in the tractors. The kids were so over-the-top excited. He had two workers there (one spoke perfect english, the other spoke perfect spanish). They told Chanel, Chris and Keith how to drive everything-so the dads did most of the driving and playing. We all had a great time.

This was supposed to be a house...they didn't care it didn't have a roof.
These last two pictures are of Tucker walking with one of the workers and having a full conversation. He just became mister chatty with this guy and the worker just chatted back and got a big kick out of Tucker going on and on. Neither seemed to mind that they didn't speak each other's language.

Chanel and I made this cake all by ourselves!

This morning when I got Tucker up and told him he could pick what he wanted to do on his special day and he said "put more gas in the dump truck and drive in it again!"


Cotton Crew said...

You are so cute! What a neat idea to do breakfast in bead on your birthday. Wow, three! Time goes too fast.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday TUCKER!!!