Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Don't let them see us acting like us

Katie and I started the new job on Monday. On Wednesday we had to go to the regional office in Chattanooga for new employee orientation. Our employer felt bad that we had to go all the way up there, but if you know Katie and I, we were giddy. Although we see each other everyday picking up or dropping off kids, we don't get to hang out and spend fun girl time together.

About 10 years ago, Chanel and I had our first date at a place called the Country Bumpkin. It was a little truck-stop-diner kind of place off of I-75 towards Chattanooga. It was silly, unromantic and certainly comical (a foreshadow into the next decade to come) but it was ours. The next year we thought it would be fun to drive back up there to celebrate at the place where it all began. Much to our disappointment it had burnt down (hopefully NOT a foreshadow of things to come). All that remained was the charred sign, the parking lot and about one quarter of the building. So sad. So as Katie and I drove up I-75 I was interested to see what the ol Bumpkin had become. Here is a picture as we drove by (at about 80 mph).

An RV lot... hmmph.

We made it up to the Aquaterra Siteworks office and had our orientation. (Very little to blog about). I am including a picture of the office...just because we took one.

We broke for lunch and since we thought there might still be an American Cafe restaurant in Chattanooga we set off on a mission to find it. We drove around and got seriously lost. That was with help on the phone and everything. It was all worth it because once we found it it was like old times. Happiness was mine again. (Thanks Katie for putting up with me and this dream to one day eat at an American Cafe again).

We were lost once again driving back to the office. This time we were meeting with Jeff (the VP) and Tammie (I don't remember her title...she pretty much does everything
). Unfortunately I dropped food all down the front of my shirt from lunch so instead of relying on my knock-out looks (ha ha) I was going to have to win them over on charm alone. The meeting went great and we were off for home. But not before taking one more picture.

They had a real sign that would have made for a better picture, but then people would have been able to see us acting stupid and that was not the impression we were going for. Ducking behind someones work truck seemed to suit us better anyway.

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Wendy said...

I wanna go to work with you and Katie!!!