Saturday, June 14, 2008

Not the daring type

Our company is based in Baton Rouge Louisiana so every year they do a huge crawfish boil. This year they wanted our office to host one as well. Family and friends were invited and the president and his wife brought 100 pounds of crawfish to cook and serve to everyone. Here are some pictures of the Atlanta office's Crawfish Boil.
The boys (Tucker, Matt and Will) were all about watching the live crawfish). Matt probably ate 3 pounds all by himself. Will thought it was neat and also ate his fair share. Tucker...enjoyed the cookies.
I would like to mention that even though I very much dislike seafood I was under extreme pressure to try the crawfish. (Our boss had already offered it to Katie who willingly ate it...I couldn't be "the bad one" so I had to try it as well). I actually really liked it! Who knew.

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