Friday, June 6, 2008

I am still around

No excuses. Really. I don't have good reasons for my month+ absence from the blog. Nor do I offer any promises of being better. Sorry.

Today at work is unusually slow and quiet. The whole office is gone to a meeting. I am done with work stuff and have surfed the net as much as I care to on a computer that is monitored by our corporate office. (That sounds bad...oh well). So here I am with nothing really great to report about but I am here none-the-less.

Last month Chanel and I have celebrated our 7th year anniversary! If I had my camera with me I would post some really cute pictures of us. Just imagine can't be that hard since Chanel is a hunk! (do people still say 'hunk'?) Well, he is as cute as ever. He made us dinner reservations at Stoney River and then we went to the batting cages to hit a few balls. This may seem odd, but it is one of my favorite things to do. We have a coed softball game tomorrow and I needed to know if I could still hit a ball-which I can. Chanel got me an awesome iPod touch as a gift. I LOVE IT. It is right up my alley. Music and internet. Yahoo! I love him so much. I have loved spending the last 7 years married to him. 7-year itch??? We must be hydrocortisone baby, because there is no itching here. HEE HEE.

Katie and I are still job sharing. This is a real job too. I mean the kind where you skip lunch if you are too busy or you stay late if things aren't done. I don't know what they were thinking when they gave us all this responsibility: Accounts payable, receivable, Human resources, invoicing , conference calls, web meetings, weekly managers meetings - we are big time. I am still loving it. I love being this important. I don't love being overwhelmed and confused, but I will take the good with the bad.

Vacation Bible School starts on Monday for our church. It is going to go by like a whirlwind. I can't decide who is getting the better end of the deal, me or Katie. She is going to work all week since Chris will be out of town for his family's annual beach trip. And I am going to work VBS all week. It will be fun to have a whole week of Tucker all to myself.

Speaking of Tucker-we are still potty training. If you know how to potty train in a day...I don't want to hear it. Really. Keep that to your self. He could care less about wearing "really cool big boy underwear with lightning mcqueen on it". He could care less about being "such a big boy that pee pees and poopoos on the potty." He could care less that "mommy and daddy use the potty and so do ALL your friends." No, what he says is "I am not that big." "I just like my diaper." Need-less-to-say, this is not going very well. I shouldn't say that. I just mean we are not trained yet. STILL WORKING ON IT.

Until next time...whenever that may be...

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Cloe said...

I have no potty-train in a day I will share thoughts......dont worry about it. He will not be 15 and still wearing diapers and when he IS interested is when it will be a peice of cake!!