Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Ears don't hurt

But just about everything else does.

Here is a warning: It is 11:45 at night and I just took 2 Tylenol PM. I am waiting for it to kick in, so no telling what (if anything) will make sense.

Today was our coed softball game. Chanel and I showed up on time (because that's how we roll) and no one from our class or age group was there. (The singles' department at our church challenged the adult 1 and 2 classes to a softball tournement). One other on-timer showed up and then we all just waited for the other 4 people to come. If you do the math that makes just 7. Not quit enough for a team. The singles' department had 3 teams worth of people show up. This was setting up to be a very long day.

We convinced the Adult 1&2 leader to play on our team and then we borrowed an impressive player from the singles. yada yada yada...we scored 11 runs the first inning with no outs when we decided to call a 10-run per inning run rule. We gave the impressive guy back and took one of their girls. They were going to need all the help they could get. Yada yada yada again...we won 17-7. On to game two. We were set to play the winner of the other game that was going on. Apparently they won their game with as much gusto as we won ours so we began to worry. Here are the important details: I dove for a ball in the outfield. I slid into second base to be safe. I dove at homeplate to barely beat the tag. We won 21-1. One of the guys from our team told the singles after we won that "once you get married you all the sudden play with a lot more aggression." Humph...there may be some truth to that.

I had a great time being back in the softball atmosphere. I loved being the only girl from our class and actually playing pretty well. The wounds were just an added bonus. That is until now. I am really hurting. My legs are scraped up, my muscles hurt, but bum is sore and my head is aching from being in the heat for that long.That is why I am up right now and that is why I have taken two tylenol PM. I can't lay still without some bodypart burning in pain.

Nice huh??? At least I was safe!

Here are some other pictures from the games.

We looked so professional!

I am pretty sure the singles department had something other than a diaper to write a lineup on.

We had great cheerleaders too!

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Cloe said...

I love the diaper-line up!! SO FUNNY!!! I am glad your ears don't hurt and that "you've still got it"!! YOU ROCK!!!