Sunday, April 13, 2008

So...what's for dinner? Now I know

I am always in search of a good system. Mostly relating to cleaning, laundry or cooking. This is because I don't have one of my own. This isn't to say that I have never had one. But apparently not one that will stick, work and continually be easy to repeat. 

Enter my newest attempt. This one relates to cooking - so here is the background. I like to cook. I like to find new recipes and try new things. I do not like to stand confused in my kitchen with all cabinets open and wonder what's for dinner. I have tried Super Suppers - Loved it until the food all started to taste the same. I have tried whatever the featured dishes are for Publix Apron Simple Meals - loved it until they started to repeat ones I didn't care for and the food was too expensive for one time only. I have tried writing out a weekly menu then the corresponding grocery list - love it done...just don't like doing it. My greatest need boils down to needing to know what I am going to fix for dinner at least the day before. SOOOOOOOO, here is what I am trying now. Chanel and I sat down and wrote down everything (really) I have cooked that we like and would eat again. Totaled about 36. Now, I really only cook 3-4 times a week max (due to weekly activities and...well...just because that is my limit before I start to despise it). With 36 meals written down and a google calendar in front of me I was able to place meals from now until early June. With that all filled out, I then made a google document (admittedly obsessed with google) with all the meal ingredients listed out by section of the grocery store (this step is not done...but, getting there). This means several wonderful things. 1st- We not only know what is for dinner way in advance, but we also don't have to eat the same thing for 2-3 months and then I can just repeat and add in anything new I want to try. 2nd- With the ingredients/grocery items already typed out, I only have to hit print and off to the grocery store I go. 

Here is the Calendar so far (side dishes are listed under the details)

Here is the list I take to the store (this only the first two weeks worth).

Fun huh! I am very excited about this. Yes, it was a lot of work initially, but I won't have to do that again. Just copy, paste, print. Please feel free to copy it and use it as your own. If there are any recipes you want...just ask, most of mine are on the computer already from a cookbook we did so it will be very easy to email. 

Now...if only I could conquer cleaning...

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The Fokens said...

The only thing you forgot to add is what time dinner is. We'll bring ice and drinks! JK
Love the system Kelli. So very impressed with your organization. Us working moms need routine and structure!
Teach me!