Friday, May 28, 2010

You gotta eat!

For Tucker's preschool year each mom had to bring snacks about three times. Each week they learned a letter so (naturally - lol) I wanted my snacks to correspond to the letter of the week. My thought is this- I enjoy crafting but have no time. I HAVE to make snacks so I might as well throw in a little craft-ing and have fun!
One would think that the internet would be a mecca for stealing ideas. I mean really there is a blog for just about EVERYTHING. Well, I was able to steal a couple and then I had to just pretend to be born creative and make up my own.
O is for...

Bagels, PB, cheese for the beaks, Ritz crackers, m&m's for eyes and captain crunch for brows
(I first saw the Owls in an issue of "My Big Backyard")
Blue Jello, fruit pieces in the bottom and Nemo fruit snacks floating in the 'water'
(The ocean jello came from the internet somewhere)
Octopus Icecream
I made fruit smoothies and froze them (to be thawed to ice cream consistency by snack time) then made the Octopus out of a larger marshmellow, pretzel pieces and mini m&m's. I used a straw to stick the octopus into the icecream.
(The octopus came from the internet somewhere)

Cake pops (bakerella), homemade donuts, orange slices
W is for...

Town house crackers, cereal straws, small ritz cracker sandwiches, cheese

Graham crackers, cereal straws, pretzels, fruit rolls-ups, peanut butter

Fruit by the foot, ritz crackers, cheese, pepperoni, little star sprinkles and icing
W week was a short week - which was good for me because I was all out of Dubbya ideas.
E is for... (boy was this another tough one)!
(Chanel laughed and thought this one was an alien- the school director thought it was an Ewok
- - -Oh, well)
Half an orange, apple slices, gummy worms, cherrios, mini choc chips

Eight and 'E' Quesadillas

I'm telling you- E was tricky. I just made quesadillas with flavored tortillas for some color and used cookie cutters to make the E and 8.


I found the chow mein nest recipe online and then added a couple of jelly beans and yogurt covered cranberries and raisins for the eggs.

Finally, I got to make a special treat for Tucker's birthday and I copied bakerella once again on this one. Seriously, so so cute!

Hamburger Cupcakes and sugar cookie fries. YUM!

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kellie said...

What fun!!! Such adorable ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!!