Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What are you proud of?

I think I have always been one to write a letter, send an email or make a call to a company about a good experience. Maybe it's because it is such a rare occurrence now days, or maybe it's because I just like to be nice.

(Truth be told I like to schmooze. I did a speech on it in college. I am a schmoozer. I am proud-as a matter of fact-to be a schmoozer. Really what is so wrong with that. Making peoples day? Doesn't that sound positively dreadful).

Anyway, in my years of this act of niceness I have written letters to Publix about baggers, taco bell about dining room cleaners, back yard burger about the drive through guy and most recently to Kroger about one of its "Special Projects." (That is the actual name for the handicapped workers they have).

See, Kroger teams up with different groups in the area such as 'JUST PEOPLE' and 'The Tommy Novis Foundation and help a kid out by giving him a job for a designated amount of time. The idea is to help him get a permanent job somewhere by giving him some exposure in a safe setting that is friendly and forgiving to possible error. Well, Kroger has lots and they are all praise worthy most of the time. On recent trips to Kroger I met Chris. I normally have Tate with me when I shop and Tate and Chris are good buds.


When Tate sees Chris he pretty much wants out of the cart and to give him a high five.


I think Chris may have even taught him the high five. This kid is adorable. Friendly off the scale and a decent bag boy even.

I initially wrote Kroger to inquire about their coupon policy (I am a nerd as much as I am a schmoozer---I read the instructions on my shampoo---and needed to be aware of the policy). While writing-the corporate headquarters mind you- I mentioned that I appreciated the attitude and friendliness of a bagger named Chris at my local store who always made my day. That's it! It took me way less time to do that than it has to blog about it.

So that's it, right? Write a nice line about someone, feel good about myself and be done. Normally, yes. Not today though. I just got a call from my Kroger store manager telling me that the corporate folks passed on the compliment to him and he passed it on to Chris' case worker and she passed it on to the Tommy Novis Foundation and they passed it on to Chris and his grandmother. Everyone shared a smile about it and Chris got a copy of the email which I was told he SO PROUDLY is keeping in his backpack.

So it ends there right? Nope again. His stint with Kroger is over this week and since he lives in Powder Springs (the group picks him up everyday and drives him over 45 minutes to work) he was going to try to find a job closer to home. Well, after this email bit the group called Kroger and asked if he could stay on and his grandmother would drive him daily. She said that Chris has felt so loved by the people and this email that he wanted to work there permanently.

Sooooooo, he has officially been hired by my Kroger. Yea for Chris!

Now, let's jump back about two weeks. It was a Sunday afternoon and we were arriving at Tucker's soccer game only to find out it had been cancelled and we apparently missed the memo (along with our whole team---and only OUR team). No biggie, it's not like I had anything else planned so we just played on the field for a while. Well, there is this mom who was so so so so miffed that she was not informed in a timely manner about the cancellation. She complained to me, to the other parents and then went in and complained to the YMCA. "I had snacks and my son doesn't drink juice and I have all this juice and what a waste and blah blah blah." So she comes back over to me (I am rolling my eyes) to tell me she complained and she waits for my praise of her complaining which doesn't come. I just say "what did you complain about?"

"about the communication process---I BOUGHT SNACKS and trevor doesn't drink JUICE!"

again, blank stare from me-who is having a grand time just running around with my kid---who DOES drink juice.

"I am a very good complainer."

I just look at her and say while nodding my head "that's something to be proud of."

Did she make any ones day, no. But she emailed all the parents that week to remind them that our coach didn't communicate well. Did that help, no.

I'm just saying, be nice. For crying out loud people...Just be nice.

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amie said...

I LOVE this post. Thank you. What a great thing you did and I too LOVE our Special bagger boy who is always willing to take out my cart, even in the rain. So sweet. Great job girl!